My Life
- At the age of 14, I left school to travel and learn all I could learn about international fashion. Later I was able to blend my love for travel with my flair for design to create a unique business model. -

Matteo Perin is an Italian designer who creates bespoke, luxury items for an array of international celebrities, business leaders, and the like. Each item, whether formal wardrobe, leisure wear, or accessory, is entirely customized for the specific client alone – conceptualized from initial rough sketch to completed design. Matteo’s designs are not for the masses; rather, they are for the fashion elite whose desire for truly one-of-a-kind style and private, individualized service is of paramount importance. And where cost is far from the object.

Matteo was born and raised in a small town outside of Verona, Italy. He discovered his love of design at a very young age, inspired by his immaculately styled grandmother and artist mother. In school, art was his favorite subject. Much of his childhood was spent absorbing the wealth of wisdom his nineteenth-century-born great grandfather instilled in him.

Design really began taking shape when a close family friend took Perin under his wing and taught him about pattern making and suit construction. This was a formative time of his life that really set into motion what would become his lifelong passion. Fueled by his yearning to pursue the world of international fashion, Matteo left school at the age of 14. Travel soon become an obsession as he sought out the cultural differences and influences of the world, nuances that would later be imbued into each and every one of his works.

Matteo prides himself on the intimate relationships he forms with each client. This is partially done through discussion, but also by observation and experience. He considers his clients’ desires and lifestyle in the context of international fashion when creating his works, while also calling on his aesthetic sensibilities and eye for detail.

Born and raised in a small town in Italy...

“My great-grandfather, born at the end of the 19th Century, was a great influence: he was always in a 3-piece suit, bow tie, hat and stick, a great man. 

Also my grandmother was a great influence: she had a style that spoke for itself, always with the right looks, a great inspiration.

And let’s not forget my mother who always influenced me with her creativity.”

My Work
Most of my creations are made ad-hoc for each person and sometimes with certain needs in mind, I'm inspired by the person itself. Only in this way each creation can be unique and complementary to the customer.
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